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Our Company Profile

Top Mortgage  Brokerage number # 12417


Shaping the Industry

Top Mortgages Inc works closely together with major lenders in Canada not only finding the best overall products, but also developing new and innovative products for the consumer market. As a national company, they have the privilege of making these products available to the entire country. This gives Top Mortgages Inc. great pride in knowing they are capable of not only influencing the mortgage industry in Canada, but also making sure that more products and services are available in the future.


Tom Stolecki

Mortgage Lic  #M08009118

Tel 416 873-6660

Hi, I am Tom Stolecki, mortgage agent of Top  Mortgages Inc. I are glad you stopped by! We are actively involved in the mortgage industry and have a great deal of experience preparing mortgages, dealing with lenders and negotiating all aspects of mortgage underwriting. We passionately serve you! We value relationships and believe that our job is first and foremost to take care of you, making sure you understand the mortgage process, and then arrange a mortgage with a lending institution who is offering the product that best suits your specific needs. We believe in defending this cultivated relationship and have no problems fighting to make sure you get the best mortgage possible

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