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Taking the Next Step in Your Journey

You finally found THE home! Now what? 1. With your Real Estate Agent make a purchase offer and sign the Purchase Agreement 2. Contact us to begin the underwriting process. We start your “Go Live” application and identify the most appropriate lender(s) that will give you the best rate and term for your situation 3. Mortgage underwriting is the process lenders use to determine whether the risk of lending to a particular borrower is acceptable. To assess the risk of lending to you, lenders will evaluate your application against their qualification guidelines. 4. 4 Factors that are always considered: your income, your credit rating, total down payment, the condition and characteristics of the property Up Next: Lenders Conditional Commitment Stay tuned and connected with our upcoming posts, as we will walk you through the last portion of the typical mortgage journey! Need help finding a home, we can pair you with one of our trusted Real Estate Brokers! Connect with us and we are ready to serve you!

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