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Finalize Your Mortgage Application

Once the lender’s underwriting team has assessed your file and have determined you meet their guidelines, we will receive an electronic “Commitment” indicating that your application has been approved subject to a list of conditions. The conditions will specify which documents are required to prove income, assets, employment, property details and value (for example, an acceptable appraisal). We will call you to discuss the terms of their offer. If acceptable to you, you accept their offer (sign the commitment) and together we proceed to meet the outlined conditions. Commonly, most of the loan conditions will be satisfied by documents that we already have on file earlier from our journey. The faster we can get the accepted commitment and 100% of the required support documents submitted to the lender, the faster we can get to “file complete,” whereby all your financing conditions have been met and accepted by the lender. The lender then triggers “mortgage instructions” to be sent to your selected lawyer. At this point, we will advise you, your Realtor (if applicable), and your lawyer in writing that funding has been “approved.” If there is a financing condition on an Offer to Purchase, your Realtor can now lift that condition. Stay tuned and connected with our upcoming posts, as we will walk you through the last portion of the journey, THE CLOSING! Need help finding a home, we can pair you with one of our trusted Real Estate Brokers! Connect with us and we are ready to serve you! Tom Stolecki Call 416 873-6660

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